Passes must be booked and paid for before abstract submission.

Abstract submission is strictly for authors / co-authors only.

An abstract submission link will be shown at the end and in the confirmation email, once you have completed this registration form.

Payment for the meeting is by card only - please enter the address to which your bank card is registered.

Pass type 

Member passes: These rates are for current members of the ABN or the IICN. If you select a member pass type, you will be asked for further information about your membership on the next page. If you incorrectly register as a member, your pass will be invalid and your booking will be either changed to a non member or removed.

Overseas pass types are outside of the UK & Ireland. All other passes are for within UK & Ireland. 

Student pass: This rate is for medical undergraduates only. 

Invited Speaker: These subsidised pass types are for invited speakers at the meeting only. Please only register this pass type if you have been contacted by the ABN/IICN and invited to give a talk in the programme.

Queries: If you have any queries about how to register for the meeting, please email

Passes are for the full meeting, or for one day. Select the type of pass you need below.

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We are collecting this data to help us monitor who engages with our activities, with a view to us removing barriers to participation. There is a ‘prefer not to say’ option on all questions. 

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If you have any mobility or physical needs you will like us to be aware of (eg problems walking short distances, loop system for hearing aid, etc), please provide details below.
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