IBRA International Master Course
Realistic Treatment in Complex Condylar Fractures
Approaches & Internal Fixation in Pre-fractured Specimens
26-27 March 2021

This course provides an interesting platform of exchange
for very experienced surgeons in the field of cranio maxillofacial surgery.


Prof. Dr. Christoph Meyer, Besancon, France
Prof. Dr. Dr. Andres Neff, Marburg, Germany

Professor Dr. Dr. Constantin Landes, Offenbach, Germany
Dr. Niall McLeod, Oxford, United Kingdom
Dr. Aurélien Louvrier, Besançon, France
Dr. Jean-Christophe Lutz, Strasbourg, France
Professor Dr. Christophe Meyer, Besançon, France
Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Neff, Marburg, Germany
Ralf Schuhmacher, Mimedis, Basel, Switzerland

Registration Fees
IBRA Full Member EUR 775
Non/Basic Member EUR 1550

Lab Venue
Anatomical Laboratory of
the Medical Faculty of Besançon, France
20, rue Ambroise Paré
25030 Besançon cede

Hotel de Paris
33 Rue des Granges,
25000 Besançon - France

Networking Dinner, 26th March 2021, 19:30 hrs


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