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This workshop aims to advance the science of next generation sequencing (ecNGS) for research and regulatory applications in the UK. 

ecNGS is revolutionizing human cancer diagnostics, powering liquid biopsy assays that can screen for cancer in the cell-free DNA of a person’s blood.

Remarkably, and for the first time ever, the most advanced human cancer diagnostic technology available is actively being developed into genetic toxicology assays for potential use in regulatory mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, off-target gene editing and insertional mutagenesis assessment.

Using ecNGS, it is now possible to simply sequence DNA and read the mutations present, obviating the need for reporter-based model systems, and perhaps even animal models all together.

Applications in cancer research and aetiology, DNA repair and genomic instability and human disease are also emerging.



The committee would like to recycle posters on NGS presented at other meetings to support networking and discourse in the breaks and over lunch. Please confirm if you have a poster to present when you register (there's a tick box on the registration form). Electronic copies of posters can be sent to us directly for printing. Let us know and we will arrange!








Please contact us with any enquiries: ukems@affinityevents.co.uk



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