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Artegis is a spin-off company from HP Europe and has provided event managers with its high-tech and powerful web-based tool Regis since 2001. Through collaboration with many IT engineers, communication, marketing and meeting professionals, we are able to deliver an efficient and effective way of managing events through the web to our customers:

  • Agencies/Congress organisers/Event and meeting planners: Affinity Events, Bucher Reisen, CAP Partner, Iceland Travel, Lausanne Tourisme, MCI, Overcome,...
  • Associations/Education/NGO: ELIA, IBO, MPS, NATA, WHF, WHO,...
  • Corporate: Abbott, Edwards, Roche, Stryker, Tech Data, Munich Aiport,...

Artegis philosophy

Artegis philosophy is to offer you a working tool that is regularly updated through shared knowledge. Many companies not only use Regis, but also request new features to be developed. According to the specific needs of a business or to the general needs of our various customers, Artegis incorporates these requests into the web-based event management and registration system Regis.

Support services

Customer success is a top priority at Artegis. We provide a free online course Get Started, where Artegis assigns a personal set-up coach who will analyze your needs and help you to get started with Regis. An online user guide and mouse over help instructions help you how to work with Regis. Take the advantage of a support and development package and get support when you need it. Whether you have a how-to question or need developer support, we give you fast expert answers. 

Training services 

Training gives the event administrators the specific knowledge to build and design the online events regarding their core event business needs. The training is available and handled by Artegis event professionals, all of whom have a thorough understanding of our product, event organisation and the hospitality industry. 

Consulting services

With over ten years experience in the online event business, we've seen it all. We're specialized in creating innovative solutions and solving your event management challenges of today in a timely, efficient way. When time is short, Artegis can provide you with a consultant, with extensive experience in events, to set-up your online event.



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Copyright © 2001 - 2024 Artegis. All rights reserved. Artegis, Chemin du Vallon 18, CH-1260 Nyon. 
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Copyright © 2001 - 2024 Artegis. All rights reserved. Artegis, Rue du Marché 5, CH-1260 Nyon. event management system

Copyright © 2001 - 2024 Artegis. All rights reserved. Artegis, Ch. du Vallon, 18, CH-1260 Nyon. event management system