High-tech technologies are built into Regis to deliver the most flexible and customizable event management solution.

Event website with event information and customized look & feel

Design your event website with elements clearly defined. No maze of pages to navigate and no series of clicks. Have a simple, clean and fancy look.

Registration form

Create in minutes a customised registration form and make it available on the Web to your target audience. Predefined templates and a registration form wizard will help you to customize your specific form fields. Group registrations are possible to be set-up.

 Email & Notifications

Create automatic email or email to be sent at your convenience to the participants. The address of the sender can be defined for each customised email. Contents with designed layout. Multiple attachments for a single email. Bulk email sending. Send notifications and updates.

Activity management

Activities could be a tour, a social event, a dinner or something else. Multiple display mode are available to show up on the registration form. Create activities with date/time and costs, assigned to a specific category of participants.


Design, send or/and print participants badge.

Hotel booking & data management

Enter hotel data in Regis. A hotel consists of a hotel name, a hotel category, a distance from the event, an URL. When a hotel has been created, rooms can be created for this hotel with specific room category, room rates and accomodation allotments. Manage the booking with Regis and obtain rooming lists.

Fee & Invoice management

Define the registration fee, when registration fees are charged. Set-up invoice template for the participants invoice. Overview the payments. Send easily invoice reminders to the relevant participants from the participants list.

 Online Credit Card payment

Allow participants to pay per credit card. In order to perform online credit card transactions with Regis, please make sure that you have all the required online credit card transactions and Payment Gateway contracts.

Participant data & Reporting & Statistics

View participants' status with one click. Manage participants event data. Filter relevant participants data. Set-up customised columns list. Save participants data list to Excel or print the lists.

 Networking & Partnering Meetings/One2One Meetings

The networking page is an up-to-date events communication tool that can contain a variety of information of particular use to you as an event organiser. With the partnering meeting feature you get a smart meeting scheduler for events, conferences, expositions.

Abstract submission & session managment

High power engine for abstract submissions to events. Abstract, Session and Session Proposal Tool. Abstract submission form. Submit speakers papers/posters/ePosters online. Abstract book/Abstract proceeding. Amend speakers papers/posters. Automatically invitation of speakers.Document sharing. Organize sessions of presentations. Propose sessions/talks. Publishing.Referees. Score abstracts. With innovate session and high recommended session proposal function.

SMS Service

Need to urgently contact participants of your event? Or simply need to remind them that the date of your event is not far off? Try the SMS service provided by Regis.

​ RegiScan App on iPone® and Android™ watch the video

Download your free RegiScan App and start using the QR Reader to manage attendance, welcome pack, activity attendance, registration check in. Participants can scan QR-code badges and start to collect the data of the people they meet with. 

Multiple languages event set-up watch video tutuorial

Multilingual event setup in Regis available for the publication of the event website content, registration form, email messages and more! It is very easy to update the event relevant text in all selected languages.

Role-based access

All information on one system with multiple access roles. Share content and data with users.
System Administrator: create, setup and manage events
Event Administrator: setup and manage a specific event
Coordinator: registers participants and manages participants’ data for an event
Participant: manage your own registration
Hotel: export rooming lists
Abstract administrator: manage abstract submissions
Abstract submitter: submit and review/edit your submitted abstracts
Referee: review and grades submitted abstracts
Smart phone: badge scanner (2013), networking App (2014)

A simple web address, a login name and password will give you access to Regis.
Go to to access Regis with your specific role.

URL customization

Access your account on
Or access via a customized URL:
Multiple Corporate Identity setting options are available. Contact the Artegis Sales Team for more information.



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Copyright © 2001 - 2024 Artegis. All rights reserved. Artegis, Rue du Marché 5, CH-1260 Nyon. event management system

Copyright © 2001 - 2024 Artegis. All rights reserved. Artegis, Ch. du Vallon, 18, CH-1260 Nyon. event management system